My name is Alex, and I’m the blogger behind, which focuses on providing information about wild animals worldwide! You can also find me at Project, where we explore different places all over this planet with my camera and share our experiences along the way.

Alex Deidda

At, we provide information with a humorous style and exciting topics about wild animals.

We write posts based on endangered animals, wild animal behavior, animal facts, and species classification. We also post stories from the wildlife parks or specific nature reserves we visit worldwide. We try to spread knowledge about wildlife conservation and help needy animals.

We love to travel around the world! Traveling is essential; it allows us to learn something new every day and broaden our horizons. 

I always find a way to combine my passion for wild animals and my travel experience with blog posts. 

To do so, I started a project called Lovefortraveling, a travel blog focused on providing tips and valuable information about different places worldwide. I want to share my knowledge about wild animals and nature reserves we discover during our travels to help people make informed decisions when they plan their trips.

We hope you find this site interesting, and we will keep writing posts for you. If you want to follow us on our travels, bookmark this page and sign up for the newsletter, we also post exclusive photos and stories from behind the scenes of our trips only to subscribers.

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