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    Do Squirrels Eat Meat?

    Squirrels are some of the cutest animals out there. But have you ever wondered what they eat?  Believe it or not, squirrels’ diets aren’t limited to nuts and seeds. These furry critters will sometimes enjoy a protein-rich snack like meat!  In this post, we’ll be exploring the types of meat squirrels eat, where they find […]

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    Can Squirrels Have Grapes?

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  • Do Squirrels Nest in Houses?

    Do Squirrels Nest in Houses?

    Are squirrels invading your home? If you’ve noticed strange noises from your attic or seen a squirrel running around your property, they have likely made a nest in your house.  This blog will discuss identifying signs of a squirrel infestation, where these animals typically nest, and what can be done to prevent them from returning.  […]

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    Do Squirrel Eat Tomatoes?

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    Do Raccoons hibernate? What do Raccoons do in the Winter?

    Do you know whether raccoons hibernate or not? Are you curious if they curl up somewhere during the winter months and sleep away the cold weather? If so, then this blog post is for you. Many people believe that raccoons hibernate during winter, but is this true? To answer this question, we must first define […]

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  • What to do with a trapped Raccoon? Dos and Don’ts

    What to do with a trapped Raccoon? Dos and Don’ts

    So, you’ve trapped a raccoon. Now what? You have a few options. You can relocate or kill it, but whatever choice you are considering, you must research the laws in your state or country first.  If you decide to kill the animal, you must dispatch it humanely. If you relocate the animal, you must find […]

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