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Do you ever wonder where squirrels sleep? Do you know how they find a comfortable spot to spend their nights?

If you’re curious about the sleeping habits of these critters, then this blog post is for you!

We will examine the types of squirrels, their sleeping habits, and where they build or live in nests.

We’ll also look at estivation, tree fork nests, dreys, and tree holes.

So if you’re curious about where squirrels sleep, you’ve come to the right place!

We’ll start by offering an overview of the different types of squirrels and their sleeping patterns.

Types of Squirrels

You may be surprised to learn that there are several different types of squirrels. Tree squirrels are the most common in most parts of the world.

They are agile climbers and use their sharp claws to climb trees and find food.

Ground squirrels live close to the ground and burrow underground for shelter.

Estimation is a form of hibernation in which some species of squirrels enter a state of deep sleep during the hot summer months.

All types of squirrels are active during the day, gathering food, playing, and socializing with one another.

Tree Squirrels

Tree Squirrels

Tree squirrels are known for their intelligence, speed, and agility. They have adapted to living in various habitats, from wooded areas to urban parks.

When it comes to sleep, tree squirrels are no different. They sleep in trees, where they build their nests and dens known as dreys.

Dreys are made with twigs and sticks and then lined with moss and grass. Tree squirrels also often live alone, so they take advantage of the security provided by sleeping in a tree.

They make their beds in tree forks or use existing tree holes as shelters.

This way, they can keep warm and safe while resting for another day and exploring their environment.

Ground Squirrels

Squirrel ground nest

Ground squirrels are a type of squirrel that lives in the ground and are known for their burrowing habits.

They typically sleep in underground burrows that they have dug out and lined with moss and grass for insulation.

These burrows can be as deep as two to three feet, giving them plenty of space to rest.

During different seasons, ground squirrels may also enter a state of hibernation or estivation in their nests.

This is an essential part of their life cycle, allowing them to survive the cold winter months or hot summer months.

Combined with all these factors, ground squirrels rest peacefully in their underground homes, preparing for another day of foraging and play.


Estivation is an integral part of a squirrel’s life cycle. During the hottest months of the year, many squirrels will hunker down in their nests and dens to escape the heat and conserve energy.

Ground squirrels typically estivate for two to three months, blockading their holes with dirt and accumulating body fat.

Red squirrels also use estivation to escape the scorching temperatures by sleeping for several days.

This behavior allows them to preserve energy and avoid the dangerous effects of the summer heat.

Tree Fork Nests

Squirrel nest on a three

Tree fork nests are the most common type of sleeping quarters for squirrels. As their name implies, tree fork nests are constructed on the fork of a tall tree.

They are usually lined with moss and grass to give the squirrel a comfortable resting place.

Squirrels are very strategic when constructing these nests, often positioning them between two branches so they can be safely tucked away from predators.

These nests provide the perfect vantage point for the squirrel to spot any potential danger and take off if necessary.

Furthermore, these nests can also be found in attics or along the wall of a house, providing an extra layer of protection and warmth during cold winter.

Line It With Moss and Grass

When it comes to the finishing touches of a squirrel’s nest, they have one unique trick up their sleeve! After building the nest outside, they will line it with soft grass, more leaves, and moss.

Moreover, they will even use their fur to make it extra cozy. This is an excellent way for squirrels to keep warm during cold winter and protect themselves against predators.

So if you ever come across a squirrel nest in your backyard, chances are there will be some moss and grass for insulation.


Dreys are the most common type of nest used by squirrels. They are built in the forks of trees with twigs and sticks lined with moss and grass.

Dreys provide a safe and secure place for squirrels to sleep during the day, as they are well-insulated from the weather, predators, and other disturbances.

Not only do they provide a safe place to sleep, but they also provide protection from the elements and keep them warm in winter.

Squirrels will often reuse these nests season after season, adding more insulation as needed.

Dreys can be significant and complex structures, providing squirrels with a sturdy home that can last for years.

Tree Holes

Grey Squirrel nest

Tree holes provide a great sleeping spot for tree squirrels. These cavities in the trunks of trees are created by woodpeckers and are perfect for giving a warm and secure home for a squirrel.

If a tree hole is unavailable, tree squirrels may also build their dens in the forks of trees or branches.

They usually line it with moss and grass to make it more comfortable. This makes it an ideal spot to curl up and get some rest, especially during the colder months.

Where do squirrels go at night to sleep?

Tree squirrels typically sleep in trees or underground caves, while ground squirrels sleep on the ground.

Some squirrels also hibernate or estivate during different seasons so that they may be napping in their nests. Baby squirrels may also sleep in their nest during the day and night.

Do squirrels hibernate?

While it may seem like they are always on the go, squirrels take a break during winter. Instead of hibernating like some animals, squirrels enter a state of torpor. 

This means their body temperature and metabolism will slow, but they will not sleep through the winter. Torpor allows squirrels to conserve energy during cold weather or scarce food.

As a result, they can emerge from their winter slumber relatively unscathed. While squirrels may not technically hibernate, their ability to enter into a state of torpor is an impressive adaptation that helps them survive the cold winter.

How Long do Squirrels Sleep?

Research has shown that squirrels typically sleep for around 15 hours each day.

This may seem like a lot, but it makes sense when you consider that squirrels are constantly on the move, searching for food and trying to avoid predators.

How do Squirrels Sleep?

Most people are familiar with the typical sleeping position of a squirrel, curled up in a tight ball with its head tucked beneath its tail.

Other ways squirrels sleep:

They often switch their sleeping positions depending on the temperature and surroundings.

For example, you might find a squirrel stretched out on its back with paws on a warm day. This position allows the squirrel to cool down by exposing its belly to the atmosphere.

Alternatively, you might find a squirrel huddled up in a tight ball on a cold day to keep warm.

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