How to get a Squirrel to come to you? 20 Steps!

As you might know, squirrels are some of the cutest creatures on this planet. And they’re everywhere. But most people aren’t able to get close to them.

To make a squirrel trust you, there are some things you need to know. First, it is essential to understand their nature and what they like. Squirrels are wild animals, and as such, they have a natural fear of humans.

They also like to live in trees, so if you want one to come to you, you will need to provide an environment conducive to that. Today, I will tell you how to get a squirrel to come to you in 20 simple steps.

1) Go near a tree where the squirrels are.

Go near a tree where the squirrels are.

Find a place where there are squirrels and go close to that tree. If you’re at home, go to your backyard.

2) Keep quiet and do not move around too much; this will scare off the animals.

I know that you are excited to see a squirrel, but remember dealing with wild animals. Moving around a lot will make them feel scared for their lives, and they will run off to another tree far away from your sight.

3) Keep a reasonable distance from the squirrels.

Around 50 feet or more and watch them closely without being noticed.

If you’re going to get close to a squirrel, you need to be careful about it so that the animals won’t see you as a threat. There is no point in chasing after one because they can climb trees, so instead, watch them play around.

4) Look for baby squirrels.

They are usually friendlier than adults and will be easier to approach if you get lucky.

As you know, mother animals are typically more protective of their little ones than the others, so if you can find an adult squirrel with babies, your chances of it coming to you will increase.

5) Sit down on the ground if possible this helps the squirrel reduce its fear of you.

Squirrels get spooked very quickly, which is why they will run off right at your sight. They are less likely to flee if you keep your distance and sit on the ground.

If the animals get accustomed to seeing you around the place without making any sudden movements, things will be smoother for you when it comes time to try and make contact with them.

6) Don’t stare at the squirrels – this may frighten them away.

Don't stare at the squirrels

As I said, they get worried very quickly, so you need to be careful about following their activities. If you keep staring at them, they will think you want to hurt them and run off in another direction.

This is why it’s best to sit down and watch them for a while before trying to approach them.

7) Slowly get up and start walking towards the squirrels.

If they notice you moving around the place, their natural instinct will tell them that there is danger involved, so they might run off.

But if you stay calm and stroll, they won’t be as concerned about your presence.

8) Watch out for other predators that might be around; squirrels can get pretty scared of those as well!

If you have a cat or a dog in the area, keep them away from where you will try to contact the squirrels. It is not advisable to bring pets along when trying to befriend an animal.

9) Slowly take out some food you want to offer the squirrels.

This is why you must know their favorite treats, most of them like peanuts, acorns, and seeds.

If you can get your hands on some of them, try tossing them over so the squirrels can come and get them. This is the perfect opportunity to make friends since they are already eating.

10) Make sure you toss the peanuts in an area where no other animals might try and take them away from the squirrels.

If you’re dealing with a group of squirrels, they will most likely fight over the food that you give them. If there are other animals around, they might try and take it from one another, which will make both parties upset with each other.

11) Leave some peanuts around the area where you want to make contact.

They will eat them throughout the day, and if they feel comfortable enough, they will come back to you for more! If they think that you are a source of food, then there is a big chance that they will start coming to your yard every day.

12) Now that the squirrels have gotten used to your presence, try getting close to them without frightening them off.

try getting close to them without frightening them off.

At first, it might be best to feed them from a distance, but after a week or so, you can start moving closer to the feeder.

If they sense that you are nervous or scared, they will run away, which is why it’s essential to keep calm and just act naturally.

13) Remain still and quiet when the squirrel approaches, don’t scare it away!

They might not come very close to you, but if you remain still and quiet, they will most likely check you out from a distance.

If they feel comfortable with your presence, they won’t be afraid of getting within 3-4 feet of you; this is when you should start getting familiar with them.

14) Get down on all fours and mimic a squirrel.

If they come close enough to you, this is a great way to get them used to the sight of you being on all fours.

When humans try to interact with animals, their bodies are entirely upright, which can be intimidating for some animals.

So if you want them to feel safe in your presence, it’s a good idea to get down on all fours and look like them.

15) After they’re comfortable with your presence, start playing around!

This is when you should try and contact the squirrels, this can be done by taking toys or food and moving them around in front of them.

This will make them curious, and as long as you don’t threaten them, they will start checking out the new things you have to offer.

16) If, at any point, the squirrels seem uncomfortable with your presence, back away slowly.

It’s a good idea that you don’t try and rush it, or else they might get a little too nervous and try and run away.

As long as you stay calm, they will be more likely to trust you, which is the ultimate goal when trying to befriend them, for both of your sakes.

17) Don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t work on the first day!

It might take multiple attempts before they let their guard down and start getting comfortable with you.

If it doesn’t work on the first day, try the next day again and see if they respond to you differently.

18) Be patient!

It can take months for an animal to get used to your presence, so you must be patient with the process. The more time you spend trying to win them over, the better chance of them finally trusting you!

19) Once they’re comfortable enough with your presence, try feeding them directly from your hand.

try feeding them directly from your hand.

This will take some time before it finally happens, but if they finally feel safe around you, they might start taking the food straight from your hands.

This might not happen right away, but if you remain patient and optimistic, they will eventually let their guard down.

20) Respect the squirrel’s space and don’t try to touch it.

If the squirrel doesn’t want you to touch it, don’t.

They might seem friendly so far, but if they feel threatened or intimidated by you trying to pet them, they will bite! If the squirrel seems uncomfortable at any point with your presence, back away slowly and let it be.

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