Can Squirrel Eat Chocolate?

If you’ve ever asked yourself, “Can squirrels eat chocolate?” you’ve come to the right place. 

In this blog, we’ll explore the potential risks of giving Chocolate to squirrels and discuss what types of foods these animals can consume safely. 

We’ll cover topics such as the different types of Chocolate, the symptoms of chocolate poisoning in squirrels, and how to keep your squirrel away from Chocolate. So let’s get started!

What is Chocolate?

Can Squirrel Eat Chocolate

Chocolate is a sweet treat that many people around the world enjoy. It is made from roasted cocoa beans, ground, and blended with other ingredients such as sugar, milk, and sometimes nuts. 

The resulting product is rich in flavor, creamy in texture, and can come in various forms, such as bars, chips, or drinks. 

It can also be found in multiple flavors, such as plain dark Chocolate, milk chocolate with nuts, or other goodies mixed in. 

Chocolate contains several key ingredients, including cocoa butter which helps to give it its creamy texture, and flavonoids, which provide its antioxidant benefits.

Does Chocolate Contain Any Harmful Substances?

Chocolate may be a treat that you love to eat, but it’s not safe for squirrels to consume. 

Chocolate contains a toxic substance called theobromine which is harmful to squirrels. 

In large quantities, theobromine can poison squirrels and even cause death. 

Keeping your squirrel away from Chocolate is essential to ensure their safety and health. 

Be mindful of what other foods you are giving your squirrel, and always check with a vet if you need clarification before feeding it to them.

How Much Chocolate Can a Squirrel Eat?

You may be wondering how much Chocolate a squirrel can safely consume. 

In general, squirrels can eat up to 5 grams of Chocolate every week without any adverse effects, equivalent to about one small square of milk chocolate. 

However, it is crucial to be mindful of the type of Chocolate you are feeding them, as some varieties, such as dark Chocolate, are much more toxic than others. 

If a squirrel consumes too much Chocolate, it can lead to internal organ damage from the alkaloid theobromine in chocolates. 

Therefore, it is essential only to feed squirrels small amounts of Chocolate and monitor their behavior for any signs of poisoning or distress.

Are Wild Squirrels Allowed to Eat Chocolate?

No, wild squirrels should not eat Chocolate. Chocolate contains theobromine, an alkaloid toxic to squirrels and can even cause death if consumed in large amounts. 

Eating small amounts of Chocolate can result in symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, and difficulty breathing. 

If you see a wild squirrel eating Chocolate, it is best to remove the Chocolate and discourage the behavior. 

It is also essential to keep your outdoor areas free of any potential sources of toxic food for wild squirrels.

What Are the Symptoms of Chocolate Poisoning in Squirrels?

If your squirrel has consumed a large quantity of Chocolate, it is vital to recognize the symptoms of chocolate poisoning to provide prompt treatment and care. 

Common signs of chocolate poisoning in squirrels include vomiting, diarrhea, tremors, seizures, and even death in severe cases. Theobromine, a stimulant found in Chocolate, can cause increased heart rate and hyperactivity. 

If your squirrel shows any of these symptoms or exhibits abnormal behavior, it is essential to seek veterinarian care as soon as possible.

How to Treat Chocolate Poisoning in Squirrels?

If your squirrel has ingested large amounts of Chocolate, it is crucial to seek veterinary help as soon as possible. 

Treatment for chocolate poisoning in squirrels will depend on the amount consumed and the severity of the case. 

Generally, treatment includes:

  • Inducing vomiting.
  • Giving activated charcoal reduces the absorption of theobromine.
  • Providing supportive care such as IV fluids and oxygen therapy.

Your veterinarian may administer medications to manage seizures and other symptoms if necessary. 

It is also essential to monitor your squirrel’s vital signs closely until the Chocolate has been completely metabolized. 

With prompt and proper treatment, a squirrel can make a full recovery.

How to Keep Your Squirrel Away from Chocolate?

The best way to keep your squirrel away from Chocolate is not to keep it in your home. 

  • Keep your Chocolate far away from their reach, such as in a secure cupboard or a locked pantry. 
  • Make sure that any chocolate products you have are not left out in the open and that they’re stored away where squirrels can’t get at them. 
  • Also, avoid feeding your squirrels any sweets, as they are not made for their digestive system. 
  • Choose apples or bananas if you must provide them with something sweet. 
  • If you suspect your squirrel has ingested Chocolate or other toxic substances, contact an animal expert or veterinarian immediately.

What foods are toxic to squirrels?

To keep your furry friend safe, it is essential to be aware of the foods that can be toxic to squirrels. 

Chocolate is one of the most common foods that can be dangerous to squirrels as it contains theobromine, a toxic alkaloid. 

Other foods harmful to squirrels include avocados, tomatoes, onions, garlic, and caffeine. 

It is best to avoid feeding these items to your squirrel and stick to more natural options such as nuts and seeds. 

Additionally, it is crucial to keep an eye out for any other food hazards in your area and take extra precautions if needed.

Can squirrels eat sweets?

While squirrels can have small amounts of Chocolate as a treat, it’s important to remember that sweets, in general, should be avoided. 

Sugar can be toxic to squirrels in large quantities, leading to symptoms such as lethargy, loss of appetite, and even death. 

Try unsalted nuts or fruit to reward your squirrel with a treat. 

Make sure to feed them in moderation and keep an eye on their diet to ensure they’re not overeating.


In conclusion, it’s important to remember that Chocolate is not a healthy treat for squirrels. 

While a small amount of white or dark Chocolate may not be deadly, large amounts can cause serious health issues such as chocolate poisoning. 

To keep your squirrel safe, avoid giving them chocolate-based snacks and opt for healthier options like nuts and fruits. 

It’s also vital to ensure that your squirrel isn’t consuming other toxic substances, such as sweets or artificial sweeteners. 

Taking these precautions will ensure that your furry friend remains healthy and happy.

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