10 Reasons Why do dolphins follow boats?

There are several reasons why dolphins follow boats. Some of the reasons include curiosity, excitement, and hunger.

1) Curiosity


Dolphins want to learn more about this creature that seems different from them. They continuously spy hop to better look at what is out there.

2) Excitement

The dolphins are getting into all the commotion. Just like humans, dolphins are curious and excited about something new. The dolphins can feel the vibrations of the boat engine, so they immediately swim toward the sound.

3) Hunger

Dolphins are predators, so it is always possible that their curiosity mixed with hunger causes them to follow boats. Dolphins are more willing to follow the ship if they see food.

4) Playfulness

Dolphins like to play and swim around the boat, but sometimes they even start breaching out of excitement and playfulness. They love to mix things up by playing with their environment. The dolphins find joy in the boat speeding away or racing towards them because it is different from their routine. Boats bring new activities to their lives.

5) The boat gives off feelings of safety.

Many dolphins want to be around boats because it is like having a bodyguard. Sometimes the dolphins protect something, leading them to follow other boats. But other times, they can see someone injured on one side of the ship and swim over to give them protection.

6) They want to learn more about their environment.


Since dolphins live in the sea, they would like to explore and learn more about the beautiful things their home offers. Boats allow them to see what is just around the corner or on the other side of an island.

7) These marine mammals are social creatures.

Dolphins are very social creatures, so they enjoy being around boats. They see all this commotion and noise, so it gets them excited to be around others of their kind.

8) The dolphins can’t resist the boat engine.

Just like humans, when people hear loud noises, the first thing they do is turn their heads to see what is going on. The boat engine sounds like a noise the dolphins might hear from another part of the sea, so they are curious about it. They want to go investigate what is making this sound.

9) Dolphins are very athletic creatures.

These marine mammals have sleek bodies designed to swim quickly through the water. The dolphins might have a contest to see who can swim the fastest, which is why they race after boats.

10) They think there is food on board.

Dolphins especially like to follow fishing boats because they know from experience that there is a chance that a fish was just caught and thrown onto the boat deck. This would be an excellent opportunity to eat.

What types of boats do they follow?

What types of boats do they follow?

Dolphins like to follow fishing boats because they know there is a good chance of catching food. They also want to swim near passengers, cruise, and other recreational boats because it is all very interesting for the dolphins.

What types of boats do dolphins not follow?

They don’t like large ships or submarines because they don’t want to be injured. Divers and underwater construction boats scare them because they don’t know what those people are doing or why they are there.

What are the dangers of dolphins following boats?

Boats can run over dolphins, leading to death for these marine mammals. The rapid speed of the ship could make the dolphins unhealthy because it might cause them to ingest water.

What would happen if the dolphins didn’t follow boats?

If the dolphins stopped following boats, it would be more difficult for people to swim close enough to them to take photographs or look at them up close.

It might also decrease the chances of getting help if someone falls off a boat and needs rescuing. There are fewer opportunities for humans and dolphins to see each other, so the human population would be slightly disappointed.

Do dolphins get hit by boats?

Do dolphins get hit by boats?

Yes, there are many times when dolphins have been hit by boats, so it is essential to be very careful. The boat engine could kill the dolphin, or the boat’s propeller could significantly damage its body.

Is swimming with a wild dolphin safe?

Swimming with a wild dolphin might not be safe because you never know what will happen.

The dolphin could get very excited and accidentally bump into the person swimming, which could cause injury to them or their friend. Sometimes dolphins can be aggressive, so watching out for those encounters is vital.

Why do dolphins stop following boats?

Sometimes the dolphins lose interest in following boats because it is no longer attractive.

They might have explored somewhere else where there are more opportunities for play or food. Sometimes people in the boat get annoyed with them, so they swim away.

Are dolphins more dangerous than sharks?

It is essential to be careful of both the dolphins and the sharks, depending on which one you might encounter first. Sharks usually eat people, whereas dolphins might want to play or swim alongside them.


Dolphins that follow large ships and other water vessels mostly protect predators that would otherwise quickly attack them.

In addition, the powerful engines of the larger boats lead to a bow wave being created.

This forms a shield to protect dolphins from sharks. Lurking below while also taking advantage of the energy behind the boat. Dolphins might follow a ship for various reasons, but one thing they share is that they are both intelligent and social creatures.

Dolphins have been known to save swimmers from shark attacks and other harmful water elements.

  • Dolphins have been observed saving humans from drowning and protecting them from aggressive sea life such as barracudas, moray eels, and stingrays.
  • When dolphins follow a boat, it is not uncommon for them to leap out of the water in front of the ship, creating a spectacular scene for onlookers.
  • Some people had even reported that when they stopped their boats or slowed down, dolphins would stop following them as well.

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