Where do Squirrels go when it rains? Get the Facts!

Squirrels find shelter from the rain by climbing up into high branches or digging holes in the ground to burrow into for safety when it’s raining outside. They also sometimes seek shelter inside tree hollows, though this isn’t always the case.

When it’s raining, squirrels generally stay active, but they remain wary of other animals.

Since their fur isn’t waterproof, rain can make them cold and uncomfortable after a while, so they spend more time looking for food inside the hollows of trees or digging into the ground to find roots, nuts, seeds, or acorns that are buried.

When it’s raining out, many people believe that squirrels have learned to stay in their nests or hollows because the raindrops are too heavy for them to climb back up into their trees.

This isn’t always the case; the rain is often lighter when it’s coming down at an angle rather than straight down, so squirrels usually prefer to stay in their nests rather than climb down from the trees when it’s raining.

Here are 4 things a Squirrel does during heavy rainfall:

  • Find a large tree and climb to the top with another Squirrel if they get spotted.
  • Some will take cover inside an abandoned bird’s nest that is found in the trees, but most just sit there and wait for it to pass or run away from where they are by crawling along the branches of other trees until the rain stops.
  • When it starts to pour hard, they have to take cover immediately, so they say in the cutest way possible, with their fluffy tail over their face as seen here.
  • They’ll run away from where they are and find a spot close by that is dry but not too close to the ground just in case they get spotted.

Do squirrels come out after it rains?

Do squirrels come out after it rains?

In the case of spotted, red, gray, and flying squirrels, they typically do not come out when it is raining.

This is because they only have a design for a specific type of coat.

For example, their fur is short and flat during dry weather to help them retain heat. They also have a gland that secretes oil and water-proofs their fur.

During a dry spell, their fur can become matted and greasy, which traps the air close to their skin, making them very warm.

This is a valuable adaptation against cold temperatures or when they are in a tree hollow or nest within a tree.

However, this same design makes it hard for them to stay dry during rainstorms.

They typically remain within their nests or tree hollows until the sun comes out and dries them out once again.

Do squirrels come out when lightning is the only problem?

If only lightning is a concern, squirrels can come out of their nests and tree hollows.

That being said, they don’t like it when the sky is too bright with lightning because it bothers them.

When this happens, squirrels typically flee to a different location to feel safe from the lightning.

Will squirrels be easy to find during a drought?

Since there is no moisture in the air when it is hot or dry, finding them can also be tricky since they stay hidden under leaves or collect together in nests within trees.

This means they may be challenging to find, but they are most likely still in the same areas that you can expect them.

Will squirrels hide in manmade structures when it rains?

Will squirrels hide in manmade structures when it rains?

Squirrels are not afraid of manmade structures, but they will typically hide within trees or nests if it is raining. They only use these alternatives if their homes are unavailable to stay in when it rains.

What happens to squirrels during hurricanes?

Since hurricanes are generally associated with weighty rain and even flooding, squirrels do not typically come out during this time.

Due to their natural fear of water, they will find a dry area to nest within or find another higher branch. The strong winds may also make it difficult to travel around, especially when looking for food.

Will squirrels stay within their nests when it rains?

Squirrels will typically take shelter within their nests even when it is raining.

As a result, they will sometimes be challenging to spot since they tend to remain in one location until the storm passes over, and they can dry off naturally.

When their nests are not available, they seek shelter in a nearby tree.

What should I do if I find a squirrel that is soaking wet?

Squirrels that have been soaked through to the skin tend to need help drying off or heating up.

If you find one sitting in puddles of water, you can dry it off with a towel and then place it in an environment around 30 degrees.

Avoid direct heating as this may cause them to overheat and die.

After drying the squirrel off, you should keep them warm until they have dried completely. Once they are dry, place them within their nest.

Why do squirrels run around when they get wet?

When a squirrel gets wet, it may begin to shake and go into a panic. This is an instinctive reaction designed to rid the animal of excess moisture and keep them warm at the same time.

Although this can be classified as a typical behavior pattern, you should always contact a welfare agency to find a wet and distressed squirrel.

Do squirrels fear the rain?

Squirrels do not fear the rain, but they find it uncomfortable when wet. They want to dry off naturally and typically remain inside until their fur is dry.

As a result, they will be difficult to spot when it is raining. However, you should expect them to return within the exact location as usual once the sun comes out and dries everything up.

Squirrels running around and shaking themselves could be a sign of distress. If you notice this behavior, then contact a welfare agency immediately.

What do squirrels do during snowfall?

The same behavior observed during rain also applies to snowfall. Squirrels will seek shelter around trees and other manmade structures until it melts away naturally, providing an opportunity for them to come out.

However, if they do not have access to shelter, they will find a dry enough place for them to seek protection.

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