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  • What does a hippopotamus eat?

    What does a hippopotamus eat?

    Scientists have been interested in the diet of hippopotami since they are long-lived and do not seem to experience any significant natural mortality. Hippos live up to 60 years, so scientists studied their diets to know how much data is necessary for them if there needs to be an intervention like changing habitats or offering […]

  • How do hippos breathe Underwater?

    How do hippos breathe Underwater?

    The hippopotamus is an incredible aquatic mammal; it shuts off its lungs to avoid drowning when it dives underwater. The reflex mechanism that activates this response allows for a steady supply of oxygenated blood so they don’t lose consciousness before resurfacing again. The Hippo is one of the only animals that can shut off its […]

  • How fast can Hippos Swim?

    How fast can Hippos Swim?

    Hippos are some of the most curious creatures on Earth. Their enormous size and broad noses can be seen for miles away from water sources such as lakes or rivers. They’re one-of-a-kind in that they don’t need to drink any other liquid besides freshwater–they get all the essential hydration while moshing around with fellow hippopotamuses! […]

  • How fast can Hippos Run?

    How fast can Hippos Run?

    Hippos are one of the largest living land animals and can run at speeds of up to 30 mph, faster than an Olympic sprinter. Hippopotamuses have a unique physique that helps them stay cool under extreme heat–their body shape causes their heart rate to increase when it’s cold outside, so they don’t overheat in hot […]