Cost to Remove Squirrels from Attic: Average Prices

When squirrels invade your attic, they cause damage and pose health risks due to their droppings and parasites. These furry intruders can gnaw on wires, woodwork, and insulation, leading to costly repairs.

The cost of removing squirrels from your attic depends on various factors. These include the number of squirrels, the extent of the infestation, and the complexity of the removal process.

Professional squirrel removal services can range from $150 to $500 per squirrel. This cost typically includes an inspection to determine entry points, setting up traps, and removing the squirrels.

However, these costs can escalate if extensive damage requires repair or cleanup. For instance, if the squirrels have damaged your insulation or wiring, you may need to factor in additional repair costs.

Hiring professionals for squirrel removal might seem expensive, but it’s a worthwhile investment. It saves you from potential health risks and further damage to your property.Cost to Remove Squirrels from Attic

Signs of Squirrel Infestation

When it comes to squirrel infestations, early detection is critical for homeowners. Pest control costs can be minimized if squirrels are detected early. The longer these creatures inhabit your attic, the more damage they can cause.

Noises: One of the first signs you may notice is noise. Squirrels are active during the day, so you may hear scratching, scurrying, or even rolling sounds in your attic.

Damage: Visible damage can also indicate a squirrel infestation. Look out for chewed wires, insulation, and wooden structures in your attic.

Droppings: Finding squirrel droppings in your attic is a sure sign of an infestation. These droppings are typically small, round, and dark in color.

Nests: Squirrels build nests from leaves, twigs, and other materials. If you find squirrels nesting in your home’s attic, you likely have a squirrel problem. This can lead to additional costs.

DIY Squirrel Removal MethodsDIY Squirrel Removal Methods

Consider the do-it-yourself (DIY) approach when removing squirrels from your attic. This method could be cost-effective, provided you have the proper knowledge and tools.

Cost-effective do-it-yourself

Live Trapping: One of the most humane and effective DIY methods is live trapping. A good quality live trap can cost anywhere between $20-$60.

Exclusion Devices: Another option is using exclusion devices. These one-way doors allow the squirrels to leave but prevent them from re-entering. The cost of these devices ranges from $10-$50.

Repellents: Some homeowners opt for squirrel repellents. However, the costs of home squirrel control methods can vary and may not provide a long-term solution. Repellents typically cost around $20-$40 per bottle.

It’s worth noting that while these DIY methods can be cost-effective, they require time, patience, and a certain level of expertise to be successful. If your squirrel problem persists, hiring a professional pest control service may be best.

Here’s a quick comparison table for your reference:

MethodCost RangeEffectiveness
Live Trapping$20-$60High
Exclusion Devices$10-$50Moderate
Professional Service$150-$500High

Remember, safety should always come first when dealing with wildlife in your home.

Professional Squirrel Removal ServicesProfessional Squirrel Removal Services

As a homeowner, you may face the challenge of squirrels invading your attic, causing damage and creating a nuisance.

The cost of removing these critters can vary, depending on several factors.

Benefits of hiring professional pest control specialists

Expertise: Professionals have the knowledge and experience to effectively deal with squirrel infestations in your home, minimizing costs. They can identify signs of an infestation, locate entry points, and choose the most appropriate removal method.

Safety: Squirrels can carry diseases that are harmful to humans. Professional pest control specialists have the appropriate protective gear and equipment to safely remove squirrels without posing a risk to your health.

Prevention: After removing the squirrels, professionals will seal entry points to prevent future infestations. They can also offer advice on discouraging squirrels from returning to your attic.

While it may seem costly upfront, hiring professionals for squirrel removal ensures a thorough and safe solution, saving you time, potential health risks, and further damage repair costs in the long run.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Squirrel Removal

When dealing with a squirrel infestation in your attic, it’s essential to understand that the removal cost can vary. Several factors come into play, which can influence the overall cost.

Extent of Infestation: The number of squirrels in your attic can significantly impact the price. A more extensive infestation often requires more resources and time, leading to higher prices.

Damage Assessment: The extent of damage caused by the squirrels is another factor. Additional repair costs may be incurred if there’s significant damage to your attic’s structure or insulation.

Preventive Measures: After removing the squirrels, preventative measures are necessary to avoid future infestations. These measures, such as sealing entry points and installing deterrents, add to the overall cost.

Professional Services: The cost will also depend on your chosen professional service. Different companies have different pricing structures based on their expertise and services.

Average Cost of Squirrel RemovalAverage Cost of Squirrel Removal

The cost to get rid of squirrels in the attic can vary depending on where you live and how bad the problem is.

  • The average price in the United States is about $850, but it can go as high as $1,550 or as low as $150. However, different sources have different numbers.
  • DFW Wildlife Control says it usually costs between $250 and $500, while states that squirrel traps can cost anywhere from $200 to $600.
  • Bob Vila mentions that squirrel removal can range from $125 to $1,500, with the national average at $350.
  • Today’s Homeowner reports hiring a wildlife expert can cost between $200 and $600.
  • Critter Stop mentions that trapping and relocating squirrels can cost around $300 to $500, depending on how many squirrels need to be caught and moved.
SourceCost Range
Forbes$150 – $1,550
DFW Wildlife Control$250 – $500$200 – $600
Bob Vila$125 – $1,500
Today’s Homeowner$200 – $600
Critter Stop$300 – $500

Dealing with squirrels in your attic can be a daunting task. Not only can they cause significant damage to your property, but they can also pose health risks due to the diseases they carry. As such, taking swift action to remove these unwelcome guests is essential.

The cost of removing squirrels from your attic can vary significantly depending on the severity of the infestation and the methods used. On average, you might expect to pay between $150 and $500 for professional squirrel removal services.

This price typically includes thoroughly inspecting your property, removing the squirrels, and sealing entry points to prevent future invasions. However, the cost could rise significantly if the squirrels have caused extensive damage or baby squirrels are involved.

It’s important to note that while DIY methods may seem tempting due to lower upfront costs, they often become more expensive in the long run due to incomplete removal or damage caused during the process. Therefore, hiring a professional is usually the most cost-effective solution.

Location-Based Cost Differences

The cost of removing squirrels from your attic can vary depending on your location. Factors such as the availability of professional wildlife removal services, local regulations, and the severity of the squirrel infestation can all impact the cost.

In areas with many wildlife removal specialists, you may find more competitive pricing due to increased competition. On the other hand, in areas with limited options, the cost may be higher due to a lack of available providers.

Local regulations can also play a role in determining the cost. Some areas may require specific permits or follow certain guidelines for squirrel removal, which can increase the overall expense.

The severity of the squirrel infestation is another factor that affects the cost. If the infestation is extensive and requires multiple visits or specialized equipment, the price may be higher than a minor infestation that can be resolved quickly.

To get an accurate estimate for squirrel removal in your area, it is recommended to contact local wildlife removal companies and request quotes. They will be able to assess your situation and provide you with a cost estimate based on your specific needs.

Importance of Timely Squirrel Removal

When it comes to dealing with squirrels in your attic, prompt action is crucial. Delaying squirrel removal can lead to risks and damages that can be costly. Here are some key points to consider:

  1. Structural Damage: Squirrels are known for their gnawing habits, and they can cause significant damage to your attic’s structure. From chewing on electrical wires to tearing insulation, these furry creatures can compromise the integrity of your home.
  2. Health Hazards: Squirrels can carry diseases and parasites, posing a risk to you and your family’s health. Their droppings can contaminate the air, leading to respiratory issues. Additionally, squirrel bites can transmit diseases such as rabies.
  3. Fire Hazards: Squirrels tend to chew on electrical wires, leading to short circuits and potentially causing a fire in your attic. This not only puts your property at risk but also endangers the safety of everyone inside.
  4. Increased Infestation: Delaying squirrel removal allows them to breed and multiply, leading to a more significant infestation. This can make the removal process more challenging and expensive in the long run.

To avoid these risks and damages, it is essential to hire professional squirrel removal services promptly. They have the expertise and tools necessary to safely and effectively remove squirrels from your attic, ensuring the protection of your property and the well-being of your family.


Removing squirrels from your attic can be a challenging and potentially costly endeavor.

However, it is essential to address this issue promptly to prevent further damage to your property and potential health risks.

Here are the key points to consider when estimating the cost of squirrel removal:

  1. Assessing the extent of the infestation: A professional inspection will determine the severity of the problem and help determine the appropriate removal method.
  2. Choosing the removal method: Depending on the situation, trapping, exclusion, or repellents may be used. Each method has its cost implications.
  3. Hiring professional services: While DIY methods may seem cost-effective, hiring a professional wildlife removal service is often best. They have the expertise, equipment, and knowledge to safely and effectively remove squirrels from your attic.
  4. Additional repairs and prevention: After removing the squirrels, it is crucial to seal any entry points and make necessary repairs to prevent future infestations.

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