Can Cats tell when you’re Sick?

Anyone who has owned a cat knows they can be strange and aloof creatures. However, they also have a well-deserved reputation for being intuitive and attuned to their owner’s emotions. So, can cats really tell when you’re sick?

The answer appears to be yes. Studies have shown that cats react differently to ill people, exhibiting behaviors such as increased vocalization, affection, and agitation.

Cats have a strong sense of smell that helps them detect when something is wrong with their owner.

Cats are known for being very observant.

Cats are known for being very observant.

Perhaps one of the reasons we love our cats so much is because they always seem to be paying attention to us. They watch our every move, seem to understand our moods, and are always there when we need a cuddle.

Scientists have begun to unlock the secrets of feline behavior and have found that cats are actually quite observant and attuned to their owners’ behavior.

For example, studies have shown that cats can distinguish between different human voices and react accordingly. Cats have also been shown to respond differently to members of their own household versus strangers.

Can cats sense when something is wrong?

Dogs, cats, and other pets have always been attuned to their owners’ emotions, but it was previously chalked up to chance or anthropomorphism. However, recent studies have shown that animals are quite sensitive to human emotions.

For example, dogs have been shown to react differently to happy and angry faces, and research has also shown that they can sense when their owner is in pain.

Cats, too, seem to be able to pick up on their owners’ emotional states. A study published in the journal Science found that cats respond more positively to people who are smiling and make eye contact, both of which are indicators of positive emotion.

Furthermore, another study found that cats tend to show more signs of affection towards people who they perceive as being happy. This suggests that cats not only react to but also seek out positive emotions in their owners.

Many cat owners will attest to the fact that their feline friends seem to have a sixth sense when it comes to detecting when something is wrong.

Whether it is an illness, emotional distress, or even a change in routine, cats often seem to know when their human companions are not feeling their best.

While the exact mechanism behind this ability is still a mystery, it is clear that cats are attuned to the subtle changes in our behavior and appearance.

How do cats react to sick owners?

Curious cats with owner

Cats are known to be very sensitive to our feelings and emotions. They will frequently mirror that in their actions if we are happy and content.

However, they usually pick up on that if we are sad or down. This is also true when it comes to sickness. If we are not feeling well, cats will often sense something is wrong and react accordingly.

They may become more clingy and affectionate or hide away and stay out of sight. In some cases, they may even stop eating altogether. 

What can you do to make your cat feel more comfortable when you’re not feeling well?

  • Try to maintain a regular routine. Try to keep to your cat’s feeding routine as much as possible.
  • Provide plenty of fresh water and clean litter boxes. Third, create a cozy spot for your cat to relax. This could be a sunny spot near a window or a bed with soft blankets.
  • Don’t forget to show your cat some love. A few gentle; scratches behind the ears will let your cat know that you’re still thinking of them even when you’re not feeling your best.

Do cats know when they’re sick?

Do cats know when they're sick?

The answer isn’t entirely clear. Unlike dogs, cats aren’t packed animals and don’t have the same instinct to hide their weakness from the group.

However, they are very good at masking their pain and discomfort, which may be why they often seem unconcerned when ill.

In fact, many veterinarians report that cats will often only show signs of illness when they’re already quite sick. This can make it difficult to catch a disease early on and get the necessary treatment.

So while we can’t say for sure whether cats know when they’re sick, we do know that they are experts at hiding their pain. If your cat is unusually passive or withdrawn, it’s best to take them to the vet for a check-up just to be safe.


When you’re under the weather, there’s nothing like a purring cat in your lap to make you feel better. While cats can’t cure human illnesses, they can provide comfort and support during difficult times.

Numerous studies have shown that petting a cat can help lower blood pressure and stress levels. In addition, simply spending time with a cat can boost your mood and help you feel more relaxed.

A cat can be a welcome source of companionship and support for people dealing with chronic illnesses or going through tough times. So even though they may not have magical healing powers, cats can still play an essential role in helping us feel better.

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